LACK magazine branding

I was commissioned to create a visual identity for LACK, the Hungarian fashion/beauty/photo magazine.

The Client insisted on keeping the original logo (by Miklós Kiss) (and later the original cover layout) and wanted the identity based on previously submitted visual mood-boards by me.

The key for this identity is simplicity and elegance. The target of the magazine has been shifted to the 20-40 years old, most conscience readers so all the flashy things was dismissed. I tried to define a look and feel which plays on typography - with rules and much of white space - and photo materials only.

The cover played with the logo and its meaning - best part of it hidden behind the fold, lack of it. Also it featured the characteristic diagonal element. The cover was later rejected because of sales and marketing reasons.

The idea behind the construction of the layout was simple indeed - a horizontal/upward movement with elements flowing in it - or emphasizing it with its vertical positioning - in the middle of the spread which has a generous top margin and a rational bottom margin in which no elements are placed. Only exception is the additional info which is located in a quite simple form in the top margin and keep as simple as it can be.

The 'flowing' were visally indicated with images and elements moving beyond the spreads and the assymetrical marings on the pages as well. The diagonal elements, the diagonal cuts of the corners of photo materials indicate upward motion on the spread.

Color palette is muted and moves on the black-yellow axis - process yellow is used only for the diagonal elements. Blue is used for describing the identity and not part of it.

For titles I chose Austin from Commercial Type - Thin and Black with matching italics. For text part the Jannon Sans of StormType was picked.

A sophisticated grid system - which was inpired by Karl Gerstner's Complex grid - helps the construction of the layout.

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